How to Build a Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is an attractive addition to your yard that can boost your home’s curb appeal and keep kids and pets safe inside. It can also help deter thieves and vandals, as well as help reduce noise from neighbors and traffic.

You can get a privacy fence in different materials, such as wood or vinyl. Choosing the material will depend on your style and budget. You can build a fence yourself, or hire the best fence company in Houston to handle the project for you.

Privacy fences come in various heights, from 4 to 6 feet tall. They also vary in the amount of visibility they offer to people outside your yard.

Some homeowners prefer a full privacy fence with no gaps, while others choose a semi-privacy option that provides some gaping space. A semi-privacy fence typically costs less based on the number of boards used per linear foot.

Building a privacy fence can be expensive, so you’ll want to consider all of the costs involved before you decide to do it yourself. These costs include materials, labor, permits and any other expenses related to your fencing project.

Cost: When you build a privacy fence, you’ll need to measure and mark the property lines on your land. This is important for ensuring that the fence is level and doesn’t clash with your neighbor’s property.

Check with your local zoning office to learn where your property line begins and ends before you start building. This will also help you determine whether a fence is an appropriate addition to your property.

Installation: This involves digging post holes (about 2 feet deep), anchoring them with cement, and hanging rails and pickets. Then, you can finish off the fence with a stain or paint. You may want to use a wood preservative to prevent it from rotting.

Maintenance: You’ll need to take care of your fence, including resealing and power washing it every so often. You can also replace the slats and posts periodically to maintain its appearance and improve its longevity.

Curb Appeal: A privacy fence can make your yard look more desirable to potential buyers, especially if you’re selling your house. A nice-looking, well-maintained fence can add value to your home and increase your asking price by a few percent.

Security: A fence can provide some degree of privacy in your yard, but it cannot stop someone from seeing through the gaps and seeing into your backyard. This can be a big drawback for those with valuable items like jewelry or other upscale possessions on display outdoors.

If you live in an urban area with a small yard, a privacy fence can be a great option for increasing your home’s value. A good-looking fence will also add to the overall ambiance of your landscape and can be a nice backdrop for plantings or playscapes.

Before you get started, make sure to call 811 and get a list of any hidden utility lines in your yard. This will help you avoid putting up a fence that interferes with utility services, and will allow your contractor to find out what they need to move to complete the project.