Interreg III B Medocc Programme

The Interreg III B Medocc Programme is a programme which is aimed at providing a forum for expressing new ideas and the exchange of experiences, as well as the organization and review of certain projects. The lead partners for the Interreg III B Medocc Programme are located within the European Union and in third countries. It is known as an EU Initiative.

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The Interreg III B Medocc Programme focuses on the Western Mediterranean area, and its leadership and management structures include the Partnership Transnational Conference (PTC) and the Transnational Secretariat, the latter of which provides the operational management for Interreg MEDOCC.

The Interreg MEDOCC Programme area includes the countries of Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Greece, Malta, and Switzwerland. The Managing Authority is the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Support, which is also the Paying Authority and the Joint Technical Secretariat.

Certain issues have arisen within the Interreg MEDOCC Programme which are being addressed. Some of these include a delay in project implementation and selection, a lack of coordination with the MEDA Programme, and a lack of a common manual for a certification of expenditures. Interreg MEDOCC hopes to have in the future better participation and is working to gain such.

The official language of MEDOCC is French, which was agreed upon by consensus of the other countries involved. Since 2004, a half-yearly newsletter has been published, and A Guide to 44 MEDOCC-Approved Projects has also been published. There is also a Helpdesk which can provide necessary information for sponsors, including references to regulatory and procedural requirements for the presentation of their projects.

Spain provides general assistance activities to support the development and monitoring of the Interreg III B Medocc Programme via both information and administration. France supports the Project sponsors, and one of the ways they do this is by encouraging local partnerships. Greece provides publicity, and was responsible for giving a wide call out for project proposals. Portugal also supports potential and project sponsors.

Each project is examined to determine its eligibility by matching it against certain criteria that have been established. The Decision phase involves accepting certain projects or, alternatively, making them subject to certain conditions prior to approval. There is also an audit program in place which checks over projects to ensure that they are being worked on and implemented properly.

The Interreg MEDOCC Programme was approved on 27 December, 2001, with European Commission Decision Number C (2001) 4069.